Wednesday, January 2, 2013

OMG Been a While

So in the next few days I hope to be adding some more info on my blog.  Wow 2012 got away from me.. I been super busy.  Been wedding planning and working so much.. I got married on OCT 5 of 2012 to my Beautiful Wife AKA Lizzi Johnston now known as Lizzi Beituni.  I also ended up getting hurt at work and have been out since the End of Oct and hopefully heading back to work here shortly... well updates soon to follow


  1. Welcome back! I had a rather crazy 2012 that got away from me as well. Congratulations on the wedding and finding your soulmate.

    The one photo where you are looking down from the bridge looks like you are trying to spot fish! : )

  2. I was trying to spot fish there were Coho every where