Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GEAR REVIEW!!!!!! Kraken Reel

I recently got my hand on the new Allen Fly Fishing reel the Kraken.  This reel hands down is SICK.  Its way lighter then the Alpha II which is another amazing reel from Allen Fly Fishing.  I have had a chance to use this reel and its amazing.  The drag is so smooth and sound great on long runs.  I have purchase rods and reels and hooks from Allen Fly Fishing all I have to say is Justin and Evan are some amazing guys with great skills and customer service.  You can find more info and order the NEW KRAKEN at their site.  


  1. Sick color combo on the backing and fly line, mind posting what you used? If it fishes as well as it looks, that's one rad combo.

    1. I used AirFlo line with the clear tip and 2 color backings thats it