Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gropro snow day

So i was playing around with my gopro and took this little video.

Great Lakes Death March

There is a walk in NWI called a Death March. Its located in the Indiana Dunes. Its a warm water discharge perfect for winter fishing. In the summer its called boaters island or party island. This place in the summer looks like a Girls Gone Wild video shoot. But to get there by land its a 2.8 mile hike up and down dunes.

Here is a quick video 500x faster and some shots

Before the March tried some winter pin fishing but finding flowing water was hard to come by. Most was frozen.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gear Review!!!!!!! Lucid Fish Grips

I got a pair of Lucid Fish grips for Christmas from my wife.  Teddy is the brains behind these grips and from watching him use them I just had to get my hands on one.  I told my wife I wanted them for Christmas and she got them.   You can find more info at their website here Lucid Fishing.  I will tell you so far I love them.  I carried a fish back to the car up a hill and had no problems with grips.

Teddy owner of Lucid Fish Grips with a Steel on the Center Pin

GEAR REVIEW!!!!!! Kraken Reel

I recently got my hand on the new Allen Fly Fishing reel the Kraken.  This reel hands down is SICK.  Its way lighter then the Alpha II which is another amazing reel from Allen Fly Fishing.  I have had a chance to use this reel and its amazing.  The drag is so smooth and sound great on long runs.  I have purchase rods and reels and hooks from Allen Fly Fishing all I have to say is Justin and Evan are some amazing guys with great skills and customer service.  You can find more info and order the NEW KRAKEN at their site.  

Storing Eggs

So with the Fall run I have collected alot of King Spawn.  I needed to figure out a away on how to store my eggs.  SO doing research I found out lots of people had problems with freezer burn or bad eggs.  It seems to be the single most thing that can ruin your eggs is AIR.  So  I came up with an idea to vacuum seal my eggs.

Items you need.
-Harbor Freight Brake Bleeder 34.99
-Ball Jars -12.99
-Foodsaver Sealer -9.99

Enjoy guys

Fall Spawn...

This Fall's Run was horrible.. The water was the low and fish didnt really push in as they should of.. This past summer I started fishing with Teddy From Lucid Fish Grips and fishing with Nick brookfieldangler.  These 2 guys are 2 of the nicest and coolest guys I know.  Well I am going to post some pics and videos from this past fall run.

Spawning King Salmon In a Feeder Creek

Foul Hooked Salmon

Teddy From Lucid Fish Grips Coho on the Fly

Long Video of a Feeder Creek with Tons of COHO about to end their Cycle

Teddy From Lucid Fish Grips on some Fish

OMG Been a While

So in the next few days I hope to be adding some more info on my blog.  Wow 2012 got away from me.. I been super busy.  Been wedding planning and working so much.. I got married on OCT 5 of 2012 to my Beautiful Wife AKA Lizzi Johnston now known as Lizzi Beituni.  I also ended up getting hurt at work and have been out since the End of Oct and hopefully heading back to work here shortly... well updates soon to follow