Friday, March 2, 2012

Ice Cold Coho Trip

After seeing many posts from Captain Ralph Steiger it made me wanted to fish so bad.  2 of my Buddies Mike Goode and Chis Stolarski deiced to head out with him.  Reports from Captain Ralph was the fishing was hot!!  We all planned to meet up at 5am or so and to be at the marina around 5:30am.  We all arrived and took a walk to the boat launch and WTF it was a sheet of thin Ice.

We watched Ralph back his boat in and break up some ice then it felt like Titanic heading out to open water.  Once we got out there we took off and it was game on.  Once we arrived at our location we were fishing Ralph went over how to fish this area.  1st off its was windy as heck then I havent picked up spinning gear in a year or so.  We were fishing light line and a small jig tipped with squid and a white twisters.  We started casting and Mike landed the 1st fish.  Then it was one after another all day till finally the bite stopped.

We tried some other spots but it was very windy out and hard for Ralph to keep the boat in one area.  We ended up with out limit and a very fun day.

If anyone is interested in heading out I would urge you to book a trip with Ralph.  He is the coolest guy and so funny.

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