Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cleared My Mind

Today I headed to the creek alone.  I tried to get some company but some had plans and others were out of town.  This was my first time out with my new camera and I loved it.  I learned a lot today on the water.  1st don’t take a photo with the sun to the back of you.  2nd make sure you lens is pointing at you and nothing is in the way.  I started my day around 7am and ended it at 3:30pm.  The steelhead run is in its early stages.  Fish are flooding into certain parts of the creeks and starting to fight and dig redds.  The males are all colored up and showing who the dominate male is behind a female.  It’s hard to fish when it’s amazing to watch. 
Today I walked a spot I never take anyone and It’s a hike.  In about 200 yards counted almost 20 pairs of fish and countless males fighting.   The fly of choice was a white bunny leech with a 6.3mm pink bead. 
I hope you all enjoy the photos with my new camera and my outing.

Tight Lines Everyone
Fish on the Move

Fish Fish

Fish Chill'n

This BAD BOY was a fight he would not stay clean for me

I had to add major fill light for this to turn out.. NEVER shoot with the sun to the back of you

My Camera focused on the twig not ME FML!!

All to myself

I see a Deer

The Deer let me get within 50ft of her

This is a pair of fish fighting


  1. Glad you got a chance to shoot some nice fish with the new camera. That looks like a gem of a creek... I think I'd be protective of it too holding those kinds of fish! Nice report.