Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some New Items on the Bench

Today I got a few new thing I would love to share with you guy.

The first thing is HOT BEADS!!!!!! a must for any Salmon or Trout guy.  I have some ideas and later tonight I will be tying some patterns for Steelhead.  These patterns I will dead drift them in deep holes or strip them fast.  These hot beads seem to be nice quality and for $3.45 for 25 of them cant pass them up.  I got them here. FISHUSA.COM

Hot Beads
I also got new fly line for my 4wt.  I am overloading the rod so its easier to cast and turn over flies in tight spots.  This line I heard nothing but good things about it.  The fly line is PINK and I dont think I like it. I am sure it will grow on me.  My Fiance got me a new Rod and Reel for Christmas so I am really excited to get a fish on it.
Airflo Fly Line

Lastly I cut my last sink tip like a dumbass with my nippers.  So this is just a replacement.  This works well in deep pool and gets my fly down in the holes I fish
Rio Sink Tip

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