Sunday, May 6, 2012

Been a while

Man life is busy. I have been taking care of my future wife, she just had surgery on her wrists. I have spent all my time taking care of her and havent wet a line in a while. So i hit the pond right by my house. I went out with the 4wt and busted out some rabbit minnow patterns. These stay just under the surface and I had some huge hits today

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nature, Fish and Fly

Ever since I moved out to Indiana I left all my creeks in the dust.  I have not fishing any of my creeks for over a year.  Being we have had a crazy Spring and the Steelhead run is over.  Reports say it was the shortest one ever because of creeks heated up way to fast.  So I decided to pack up my car and head a hour west to Rock Creek.  Rock Creek is a tributary of the Kankakee River.  2 things helped me make my mind up.  Illinois recently stocked over 600 rainbow trout at the creek and with the crazy weather I hoped to tie into some pre-spawn Smallmouth. I left my house at 5am and arrived bright and early at the creek.  I was planning on working 2 parts of this creek.  The first part was trout water then hit the mouth to the Dam for smallmouth.  The water was crystal clear.  I worked my way down with my 4wt fly rod and new Allen Fly Fishing Trout Reel.  I worked 2 miles downstream and caught 29 Rainbows they ranged from 14-24 inches and some were like footballs.  I had a mixed bag today.  Countless Chubs, Suckers, 1 Largemouth, Lost 1 Gar and went 0-3 for Smallmouth. I made the mistake only bringing 2lb test line.  Well here are the photos and I hope you enjoy them.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lowell, IN Storm 3/23/12

Guys this is the first major storm of the year.  I got some great shots Enjoy